No Pasaran Condemns Illegal and Repressive Police Actions

The No Pasaran initiative strongly condemns yesterday’s illegal detention by the police of 21 individuals demonstrating outside the National Assembly against proposed changes to the country’s constitution. 

Police resorted to uncalled physical force to detain the protestors and then held them, without any justification for up to three hours, thus violating their constitutional right to freedom of movement. Other legally protected rights were violated as well. The detainees were not provided the opportunity to meet with their lawyers or members of quick response unit of the Human Rights Defender’s Office. 

No Pasaran strongly condemns these arbitrary and illegal actions of the police and urges all political parties, civic organizations, political movements and local offices of international agencies and foreign embassies to closely monitor the illegal actions of the regime to suppress public opposition to the proposed constitutional changes and to report any such incidents they observe in the days before the December 6 referendum.