“This is a regime of murderers and one must vote no” – Artur Petrosyan

arturNoPasaran speaks to Artur Petrosyan, a member of the ArtLab Yerevan group. 

Artur, are you against changes to the constitution, and if yes, why? 

Of course I’m against the changes. I oppose them because I’m convinced they will strengthen the current regime’s power and lengthen Serzh’s grip on that power. The events of March 1, 2008 showed that this is a regime of murderers. Thus, whatever it proposes, even if positive, must be opposed. 

What future awaits Armenia if the referendum passes? 

I don’t think much will change. There are no resources to establish a totalitarian dictatorship. The status-quo will remain. Now, the situation cannot improve nor regress. 

What must be done to defeat the constitutional change initiative? 

If we could mobilize enough people to carry out certain actions, perhaps something could be done. But I think this will be difficult. 

The ‘yes’ camp already has its votes at the ready. The regime will once again falsify the election. Maybe something should be done after the referendum.