“In the constitutional change bill, it is Serzh Sargsyan that worries me” – Davit Haroutyunyan

In the constitutional change bill, it’s Serzh Sargsyan that worries me. So I say ‘no’ to Serzh Sargsyan, ‘no’ to his continued hold on power, and ‘no’ to any so-called reform he wants. 

Whatever he has tried to improve has gotten worse. I do not believe him. It would be difficult to find even one person in Armenia tat trusts him. It’s enough for any citizen to see who is sermonizing for the ‘yes’ camp to be opposed to those changes. 

Davit Haroutyunyan, Activist
Davit Haroutyunyan, Activist

I do not understand how young Republican Party loyalists are behind the ‘yes’ vote. I do not understand why they want Liska (Souren Khachatryan) to stay in office. Why do they want Liska to remain the Governor of Syunik for another fifty years? Because what he said is that the Republican Party will wield government power for another fifty years. 

If members of the Republican Party want a peaceful government, as they preach, they shouldn’t have caused March 1.They came and beat and shot people in Liberty Square. Now they say, ‘you know what? This time we want to do good for you.’