Government Pressure: Regime Orders Yerevan Hotel Not to Allocate Auditorium for “No Pasaran” Youth Forum

On November 27, members of the No Pasaran movement issued the following statement to reporters.

Yerevan’s Double Tree by Hilton hotel has again violated its contract with the “No Pasaran” movement by now refusing to allocate space for a youth forum on the constitutional change referendum that was to have taken place on November 30.

This is not the first time that a hotel has first agreed to offer us space, on a paid lease basis, and then to refuse us after having been instructed to do so by the government.

Such government interference violates our right to conduct our campaign opposed to constitutional change on a level playing field and only fuels mistrust regarding the process’s legitimacy.

Such a move by the regime shows that it is at its wits end and that the ‘no’ campaign is winning,

Facing this reality, the “No Pasaran” movement must, unfortunately, cancel the Youth Forum. We apologize to all the young people who had planned to attend.

P.S. – A member of “No Pasaran” told reporters that the hotel had agreed to allocate space two weeks before the youth forum was to take place and had waited almost until the last day to pull out in order to throw the ‘no’ camp into disarray.

“No Pasaran” told reporters that hotel management had stated that they had received a direct order not to allocate space to the forum.

At the press conference, “No Pasaran” stated that 2,000 flyers had been handed out at universities in Yerevan and that only a few students said they would be voting in favor of the constitutional change referendum.