“What kind of document do you expect when written by a crook?” – Ashot Adamyan

adamyan2No Pasaran talks to director and actor Ashot Adamyan

Why must we say ‘no’ to the proposed changes to the constitution?

Regardless of whether we need such changes or not, I believe that this criminal regime has no right to present any document for public approval.

What kind of document do you expect when written by a crook? It’s a plan designed to hold on to power; nothing else.

What must the public do to defeat this plan?

Each person must ask themselves this. People must understand that even if they remain indifferent, sleeping on their couches, these changes will indeed affect them. Every person must blame themselves and not others. Unity, it’s the only solution.

While you argue that this regime doesn’t have the right to present such a document to a public ballot, such a referendum will take place on December 6. In your estimation, what will change in Armenia if the referendum passes?

I predict tragic consequences, because in such a situation when the country has reached a critical moment and when the world order is changing, constitutional change carries great risks.

The criminal gang is essentially strengthening all possibilities for falsifying things. Any talk that freedom for this or that agency or person will expand are lies. Anyone who claims this view should read the draft bill.

No constitution has ever worked in Armenia. Is the constitution preventing this country from becoming a country?